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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Ini saxophone vintage buatan Inggris merek Hawkes & Son. Kisah atau sejarah tentang Hawkes itu sendiri sebagai berikut (maaf sumbernya lupa):

Known as Hawkes & Co. from 1860 to 1875, the firm was first established in 1860 as an importer of brass instruments in London by William Henry Hawkes (1830-1900), a state trumpet player for Queen Victoria. In 1869, he began to repair instruments, but soon manufactured instruments and sold published music, as well. In 1924, a one acre factory was opened at Edgware, north London, and they employed between 200 and 250 workers at it's height. This large producer of brass instruments was bought by BOOSEY in 1930 to form what is known today as "Boosey & Hawkes".

The instruments manufactured by Hawkes & Son (the name adopted in 1889) during the latter quarter of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century were often supplied to the many army and military bands that existed, especially in England. While mainly brass instruments, all of the violin family instruments were imported and sold though the Hawkes and Son workshop.

Gitu deh...

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