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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kabar gembira dari seorang pelanggan...

Today, at the afternoon, I went to Pasar Rebo, an area in east Jakarta near to TB Simatupang. I brought my saxophone and tried to find an address which I found from the internet. I thought there was any element of my saxophone need to be repaired. The sound is like a sheep horn. Toeeeeett…. A few days ago I browsed at the internet and found this address. They call this saxophone gallery name as Valentine Shop. I was eager to ask many questions to the ‘sax shop keeper’ about saxophone, especially about how to position my mouth at the mouthpiece to produce better sound. I won’t know how to blow correctly if I don’t know how to bite the mouthpiece. This mouthpiece made me depressed. The sound is very bad. I need to close my room door and windows to avoid my sister suspicion what is going on at my room because of that noisy. It’s like a war siren and sheep horn. Hahahaha… Before I found the address at Pasar Rebo, I found the address at my digital map. According to the map I should took TB Simatupang Highway and took an exit way after Kampung Rambutan. I have to pay for 7,500 rupiahs only for a few kilometers from the start gate at Jagorawi Highway to the exit gate after Kampung Rambutan. How expensive… Arggghhh…

Finally I found the gallery after got lost for 1 hour at Social Department Residence. I saw many saxophones there. Most of them are vintage saxophones. They looked old and antique. I thought the owner of gallery is a collector of vintage saxophone. I met the owner. They are a couple of artist, I thought. They have many dogs at their house. The owner designs their house like museum of wind instruments. I saw many saxophones, a few trumpets, a few antique flutes, and an accordion. Although the house look a little bit scary, but the owner is a couple of nice guys. I was glad to meet them. They are artists. They taught me a little about how to blow the saxophone. I was cheer up because I can learn a little about the mouthpiece. They encourage me to more practice and don’t give up. They believe I can learn the saxophone in a month. Wow… I was cheer-up again. LOL. They gave me practice notes and a few songs for my practice at home. They are such a nice guys. I’m going to learn saxophone at their gallery every week. Wish me luck with my sax lesson.

- Poltak Jefferson -

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